What we have to offer at the farm grounds, and also what you will find and experience in the nearby areas as well.


In 2019 we finished our 12 hole minigolf course, full of obstacles and loads of room for play. Here you can play against friends and family, and finally establish who really is the best minigolfer amongst you. The course is open during the café’s opening hours, which is where you will get the equipment to play.

We can open the course for groups of minimum 8 people, after appointments. Send us an email at least one day ahead and we can make an agreement.
Jente som spiller mingolf
Jente som spiller putgolf med ball



This is a a combination of football and golf that is played outdoors at the farm grounds. Similar to golf, the goal is to get the ball down a hole in the fewest kicks possible.

Vi have special made football-golf obstacles, that the ball has to go through, something that makes the activity fun and unique. You use either size 4 or 5 football for this activity; balls and score cards are available in the café.

Football and golf are two of the worlds most popular sports, so maybe football-golf has the potential to become a big sport as well.

We can open the course for groups of minimum 8 people, after appointments. Send us an email at least one day ahead and we can make an agreement.


“Kyststien” also known as “the coast trail”; is a beautiful 35 km long, hiking trail between Stavern and Ødegård, just north of Helgeroa. The trail goes through a wide variety of landscapes and environment. Past the beaches, over the bare rocks and through different types of forests. The trail goes cloesely by Brunvall Gård, so you can either stop by here at our café or use this trail while you are staying with us.

Overnatting i leilighetene på gården

Brunvall Gård is ruraly located in Brunlanes, between Stavern and Helgeroa in Vestfold. We offer accommodation in apartments and small houses almost the whole year.

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Blomsterik hage med hvite blomster


“Inngunn’s garden” is a inspiring walk through a garden of lush greenery and beautiful flowers, set right here in Brunlanes. Meant to be an exploration of what a garden can be and perhaps inspire your next garden, 

Fossedrag i Laagen

Visit Larvik

Here you will find all activites we offer in our local areas. Visit Larvik is the official website for Larvik, Stavern and Lågendalen.

Glade Dager

Culture and event-organizer for many events in the summer town Stavern.

Camping Larvik

Larvik Camping is a colaboration between all camping areas in Larvik.